Geography:  Guatemala is located just south of Mexico, and shares borders with Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador.  It is also bordered by the Pacific and the Caribbean Oceans.  Guatemala is approximately the size in land mass as the state of Louisiana.

People:  The people of Guatemala are extremely warm and generous.  A vast majority of the descendants from the Mayan Indians reside in Guatemala, and many of the Mayan villages today exist without the many modern conveniences of the larger cities, such as electricity and running water.

Culture:  Politically, Guatemala is more stable today than it has ever been.  Over the past four to five years the country's economy and government has stabilized; consequently, Guatemala is poised to experience tremendous growth and modernization.  Religiously, statistics say that approximately 70-75% of Guatemalans claim Roman Catholicism as their religion.  Elements of the ancient Mayan religions and practices are also evident in certain areas of the country.  Economically, Guatemala is extremely diverse.  Roughly 10% of a population nearing 14 million people own 90% of everything.  The middle class is sparse, in fact it is non-existent in many of the Mayan areas.  This is changing; however, due to an increase of manufacturing jobs, the stability of the country, and the vast amount of resource potential.

Our Purpose:  We are Baptist missionaries whose desire is to share Christ in Guatemala.  Our primary focus is evangelizing, discipling, and church planting.

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